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The Third Reich - A Record of The Embodiment of Evil in the 20th Century on 4 DVD-ROMs

Hitler and his Third Reich established in the short time it existed in the mid 20th Century a benchmark for evil that will stand for ages. Even now, some seventy years after the fact, the motivations and intentions of the Third Reich are still being analyzed just as elderly Nazi war criminals are still being pursued by those who demand justice for the atrocities they so casually committed. The Nazis industrialized the process of mass murder in their extermination camps sending millions to their deaths in thier effort to cleanse Europ and the world of groups of people considered "undesireable" by their plan for race purification and world domination.

This 4 DVD-ROM disk set is a collection of document and multimedia on the Third reich.

The Third Reich - Disk 01

Adolph Hitler

[Adolf Hitler] Mein Kampf.pdf
Adolf Hitler - Facts and Factoids.pdf
Adolf Hitler's Holy Book.pdf
Code Name Mulberry.pdf
FBI documents - Hitler 00.txt
FBI documents - Hitler 01.pdf
FBI documents - Hitler 02.pdf
FBI documents - Hitler 03.pdf
FBI documents - Hitler 04.pdf
FBI documents - Hitler 05.pdf
FBI documents - Hitler 06.pdf
FBI documents - Hitler 07.pdf
Hitler - Mein Kampf 1.pdf
Hitler - Mein Kampf 2 - My Order alias New World Order 1928.pdf
Hitler And I.djvu
Hitler Mannerheim 1942 EnglishTr..pdf
Hitler Mannerheim 1942.mp3
Hitler Speeches Proclamations.pdf
Hitlers American Business Partners.rm
Hitler's Salad Days Living Age Magzine Sept 1933.pdf
Hitler's Second Book Unpublished Sequel To Mein Kampf.pdf
Hitlers Table Talk 1941-1944.pdf
Holy Book of Adolf Hitler.pdf
Political Testament of Adolf Hitler - Adolf Hitler.pdf

Invasion of Norway

Allied campaign in Norway - Wikipedia.pdf
Battles of Narvik - Wikipedia.pdf
Norwegian Campaign - Wikipedia
Norwegian heavy water sabotage - Wikipedia.pdf
Norwegian resistance movement - Wikipedia.pdf
Occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany - Wikipedia.pdf
Operation Weseru¨bung - Wikipedia.pdf

100 Documents on the Origin of the War - From Official German White Book 1939.pdf
42 ways to kill hitler.avi
Treason’s Peace – German Dyes and American Dupes P1.pdf
Treason’s Peace – German Dyes and American Dupes P2.pdf
Apocalypse 1945 - The Destruction of Dresden.pdf
Auschwitz - The Forgotten Evidence.mpg
Behind Closed Doors - Stalin, The Nazis And The West - 3.avi
IBM and the Holocaust.pdf
Germany’s Master Plan P1.pdf
Germany’s Master Plan P2.pdf
 Before Hitler Came - A Historical Study english translation.pdf
 Cairo to Damascus Nazis and the Muslim Brotherhood .pdf
 Under Cover - My Four Years in the Nazi Underworld in America .pdf
Cairo to Damascus P1.pdf
Cairo to Damascus P2.pdf
Under Cover – My Four Years in the Nazi Underworld of America P1.pdf
Under Cover – My Four Years in the Nazi Underworld of America P2.pdf
Falange - The Axis Secret Army in the Americas P1.pdf
Falange - The Axis Secret Army in the Americas P2.pdf
Code Name Mulberry.pdf
Conjuring Hitler - How Britain And America Made the Third Reich.pdf
Escape from the Bunker - The Escape of Adolf Hitler & Martin Bormann from the Fuhrerbunker.pdf

The Devil’s Chemists – The International Farben Cartel P1.pdf
The Devil’s Chemists – The International Farben Cartel P2.pdf
Encyclopedia of World War II.pdf
Eva Braun Hitler's Mistress.avi
Factories of Death.pdf
Reich of the black sun - Nazi secret weapons & the cold war allied legend .pdf
Flight of the Wolf - Escape of Hitler p1of2.mp3
Flight of the Wolf - Escape of Hitler p2of2.mp3
German Dyes and American Dupes - I.G. Farben's Hidden Power Inside America .pdf
Germany's Hitler - Hienz, Heinz A..pdf
Germany's Secret Weapons of WWII.pdf
Goebbels on Bolshevism 1.mp3
Goebbels on Bolshevism 2.mp3
Armies of Spies Nazi covert operations before WW II 1939.pdf
Guenther, Leonhard - A German Ace Tells Why .pdf
Heinz, Heinz A. - Germanys Hitler .pdf
His, Dr. Wilhelm - A German Doctor at the Front 1933.pdf
Hitler - New World Order 1928.pdf
Hitler Speeches Proclamations.pdf
Hitler's Children 01 - Seduction.flv
Hitler's Children 02 Dedication.flv
Hitle'rs Children 03 - Education.flv
Hitler's Children 04 - War.flv
Hitler's Children 05 - Sacrifice.flv
Hitler's Germany Origins, Interpretations, Legacies.pdf
Hitler's Heirs - Where are they now whereabouts of top nazi criminals after the war.pdf
Hitler's Pope.pdf
Hitler's Salad Days Living Age Magzine Sept 1933.pdf
Hitler's secret backers.pdf
Hitler's War & The War Path.pdf
Holy Book of Adolf Hitler - Battersby, James Larrat.pdf

The Third Reich - Disk 02
Hunting Nazi Scientists.avi
Hunting Nazi Scientists.nfo
IBM and the Holocaust.mp4
Illustrated History of the Nazies.pdf
The Face of the Third Reich.txt
Laure, A. P. - The Case for Germany 1939.pdf
Nazi-Fascism and Roman Catholicism.pdf
Leni Riefenstahl - Triumph Of The Will.avi
Leni Riefenstahl - Victory of Faith 1933.avi
Life in a Nazi Camp Living Age Magazine Nov.pdf
The Pink Swastika - Homosexuality in the Nazi Party 2002.pdf
Luftwaffe Stealth Fighter.avi
A Nazi in Exile - Martin Borman.pdf
Hitler's Heirs - Where are they Now.pdf
What Stalin Knew - The Enigma of Barbarossa.pdf
National Socialism - A Biological Worldview.pdf
Nazi's And The Hollow Earth.pdf
Nietzsche and the Nazi's.mp3
Obtaining the Luftwaffe's Secrets.pdf
Old radio recording on the social situtation in Germany between WW1 & WW2 - 1.mp3
Old radio recording on the social situtation in Germany between WW1 & WW2 - 2.mp3
Original Nazi Concentration Camp Video Uncensored.mpg
Popular Cinema of the Third Reich.pdf
Post-World War II Reccruitment of German Scientists.pdf
The Nameless War hidden causes of World War II 1952.pdf
20. Juli 1944 Ger., conspiracy to assassinate Hitler, still banned in Germany 1951.pdf
20. Juli 1944 German, conspiracy to assassinate Hitler, still banned in Germany 1951.pdf
Rescue of Mussolini.pdf
The Nazis go Underground - How the Germans Are Planning for World War III.pdf
Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich.pdf
Routledge Companion to Nazi Germany .pdf
Ribbentrop, His Life & Times .pdf
Secret Nazi Conspiracy - The Omega File.pdf
Das Goldene Band - Esoterischer Hitlerismus.pdf
Spectator in Hell - A British Soldier's Story of Imprisonment in Auschwitz.pdf
Hitler's Flying Saucers.pdf
Hitler's Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology.pdf
Wall Street & The Rise of Hitler.pdf
The Borman Organization 10-11-2001.mp3
The Bush Connection - John Hankey - Rense 11-30-06.mp3
The Celebrations In The Life Of The SS Family.pdf
The Faustian Bargain.pdf
The Gehlen Organization, The OSS and the Cult of Intelligence.mht
The German White Paper - Full Text of the Polish Documents Issued by the Berlin Foreign Office.pdf
The Goebbels Experiment.avi
The Goebbels Experiment.nfo
The Hitler Family.avi
The Hitler Family.nfo

The Third Reich - Disk 03

The Hunt for Hitler's Scientists.avi
The Liberation of Auschwitz.avi
The Liberation of Auschwitz.txt
The Muslim Brotherhood, The Nazis and Al-Qa'ida.pdf
The Nazi Connection with Shambhala and Tibet.pdf
The Nazi Hydra in America.pdf
The Nazi Twin Mystery.avi
The Nazi Twin Mystery.nfo
The Nazis - A Warning .nfo
The Nazis - A Warning 1.avi
The Nazis - A Warning 2.avi
The Nazis - A Warning 3.avi
The Nazis - A Warning 4.avi
The Nazis - A Warning 5.avi
The Nazis - A Warning 6.avi
The Nazis, JFK and The Gehlen Organization - Mae Brussell.mht
The Triumph of Reason.pdf
The War Against the Luftwaffe.pdf
They Thought They Were Free.mp3
Treason's Peace-IG Farben's Hidden Power.pdf
U.F.O. Secrets of the Third Reich.ogm

The Third Reich - Disk 04

Waffen SS Hitler's Elite Fighting Force.mkv
Walter Warlimont - Inside Hitler's Headquarters 1939-45 1964.NFO
Walter Warlimont - Inside Hitler's Headquarters 1939-45 1964.pdf
Warburg - Hitler's Secret Backers - The Financial Sources of National Socialism 1933.pdf
What Hitler Knew.pdf
Swastika The Nazi Terror.pdf
World War II Data Book - Hitler's Secret Weapons 1933-1945.pdf
The Thousand-Year Conspiracy – Secret Germany Behind the Mask P1.pdf
The Thousand-Year Conspiracy – Secret Germany Behind the Mask P2.pdf




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