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Tantra & Sex Magic
Sex is one of the basic human drives. Essential to human fertility and reproduction, this powerful aspect of human existence has long been worshipped as a divine essence. The sexual energy generated by this act has been used in magical ceremonies and traditions. the eastern practice of tantra is based around using the flow of sexual energy between individuals as a path to spiritual enlightenment.

This disk is a collection of works on the magical and spiritual aspects of human sexuality. titles included are:

Aspects of Tantra.pdf
Bhairava - The Wrathful.pdf
Bitter Venoms - Magickal worlds of William Burroughs.pdf
Cacodemonic Copulations.pdf
Chronozon - Erotognosis.pdf
Cox - Poems of Sappho 1925.pdf
Cthulhuoid Copulations.pdf
Davies - Creation of Anima-Shakti.pdf
Devotions & Demonesses.pdf
Eulis, the History of Love - Randolph, Paschal Beverly.pdf
Eye of Revelation - 1975.pdf
Ganas - Hooligans of Heaven.pdf
Great Fuss & Fume Over the Omnipotent Oom.pdf
Introduction to Sex Magick.pdf
Kalkinath - Adoration of the Lingam.pdf
Kalkinath - Erotic Body Alchemy of the Chakras.pdf
Kalkinath - Tantric Body.pdf
Knight - A Discourse on the Worship of Priapus 1786.pdf
Knight & Wright - Essays on the Worship of Priapfus 1865.pdf
Kularnava Tantra - Summary.pdf
Levogyrate Tantra.pdf
Love under Will - Sexuality Magic & Liberation.pdf
Love Under Will.pdf
Lowe - Dattatreya.pdf
Magia Sexualis - Randolph, Paschal Beverly.pdf
Magica Sexualis.pdf
Mantak Chia - Awaken Healing Energy.pdf
Mantak Chia - Taoist Secrets of Love.pdf
Mantak Chia - The Multi-orgasmic Man.pdf
Nath Code & Protocol.pdf
Omnipotent Oom - Tantra & its Impact on Modern Western Esotericism.pdf
Osho - The Book of Secrets.pdf
Reflections on Tantra.pdf
Satanism - Tantrism & the Left Hand Path.pdf
Sex Magick and Goetic Evocations.pdf
Sex Magick and Goetic Operations.pdf
Sex Magick I.pdf
Sex Magick II.pdf
Sex Magick III.pdf
Sex Magick.pdf
Sexual Magic - Randolph, Paschal Beverly.pdf
Sexual Martial Arts.pdf
She Comes First.pdf
Sir Richard Burton - The Kama Sutra of Vatsayayana.pdf
Songs of Bilitis.pdf
Sportive Epigrams on Priapus.pdf
Tantra - Anal Sex Techniques And Secrets.pdf
Tantra - How To Make Love All Night (And Drive A Woman Wild) 80s.pdf
Tantra - Sex Magic.pdf
Tantra - Sexual Martial Arts And Sexercise.pdf
Tantra at Tahoe - Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery.pdf
Tantra, Sex Magick.mp3
Tantra. The Supreme Understanding.pdf
Tantric - Yoni Massage.pdf
Tantric G Spot Orgasm.pdf
Tantrum Magick.pdf
Secrets Of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy.pdf
Techniques For The Control Of The Sexual Energy - Part 1.pdf
Techniques For The Control Of The Sexual Energy - Part 2.pdf
The Roots of Tantra.pdf
The Tantra Vision Vol 1.pdf
The Tantra Vision Vol 2.pdf
Various - Tantra.pdf
Vatsyayana - The Kama Sutra.pdf
Vatsyayana_ The Kama Sutra.pdf
Vishvanath & Kalkinath - Dattatreya Rite.pdf
Woodroffe.Introduction to Tantra S'Astra.164p.pdf
Wright - The Worship of the Generative Powers 1865.pdf
Yoni Tantra.pdf



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